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2011 World Design Exhibition / first the Chinese creative pioneer Taiwan Design Hall

Taiwan Design Museum? Do not doubt that, with the 2011 Taipei World Design Exhibition "at the Taiwan Songshan Winchance Park, grand debut this global Chinese creative design a professional museum for the display of the spindle, also officially synchronization debut, became the first Taiwan Design Museum. Taiwan Design Center, said: "Taiwan Design Museum is the first choice for organizing a design exposition." Taiwan Design Museum covers an area of 512 square-meter, is divided into seven major exhibition, including the Taiwan area, the World area, the concept of area, prospective area, interactive area, gold Point area and the design of optical Gallery. Taiwan Design Museum to the actual situation after more than three years of planning, integration of technological and technology, won international awards for products from Taiwan's first self-designed computer, to the latest, a rich rosy innovative products can be panoramic. ▲ global Chinese first Design Museum - Taiwan Design Museum. (Taken from the 2011 Taipei World Design Exhibition website) whether it is the twenty-first century emphasis on "people-oriented" humane bike, won awards at home and abroad in the 1970s desktop radio, or the emphasis on simplicity of design and function Seijun fans in the 1940s, can be seen in the "Taiwan area" in the course of development of the Taiwan Design. Play the vanguard of global design development in Asia, the Americas and Europe, the World Pavilion, will also see the fine design of Philippe Starck, the Dutch designer Reiter Wilder highly representative. In addition, three design experience zone of light Gallery District "," forward-looking zone "and" interactive zone "experience design aesthetics exhibition space. 2011 Taipei World Design Exhibition "is now on display at the end of October, the Taiwan Design Museum open free to visit and want to explore the global Chinese creative Design Museum's first veil, do not miss Oh!